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The Lymphoma Association by funding the cost of local support groups.
These are made up of individuals who are, or have been, affected by lymphoma in some way; whether patient, family member, friend or carer. The aim of a group is to provide mutual support for members in a form most appropriate for the needs of those members, as determined by them. Group meetings probably include a variety of medical and non-medical speakers and social events and some groups also participate in fundraising.

The Lymphoma Association Buddy Scheme.
Those with lymphoma can discuss any issues relating lymphoma and its treatment with another person who has been through a similar experience. ‘Buddies’ are people who have had lymphoma themselves or have someone close to them who have had lymphoma. They are not trained counsellors but have volunteered to offer a listening ear to anyone in need.


The Lewis Manning Hospice Poole

We have underwritten the cost of employing the Hospice’s director of nursing and we will have our own ‘end of life’ care room - fully equipped - for a lymphoma patient their family and carers.



The British Society for Haematology.
There are few opportunities for academic haematologists to qualify, partly because the funding costs are so high and it is highly competitive. This will ultimately give us the improvement in treatment of lymphoma. With the assistance of the Society we offer a scholarship to potential academic haematologists. All applications should be made through the Society Secretary quoting ‘The Roger Counter Foundation’.


The Royal Free Hospital Haematology Department.
A grant was made to complete the funding of Phase II of this £120,000 pilot project for writing new software that will allow the 4 labs involved in the lymphoma screening process to coordinate their results in a standard format before these are sent back to the consultant. This will enable the UK to be brought into line with mainstream EU diagnostic systems but more importantly should allow clinicians to diagnose lymphoma more accurately. Current research shows that 1 in 3 cases in men in the UK are misdiagnosed leading to premature death or a failure to treat the fight disease at the optimum time.


The CHUV Hospital, Haematology Department Lausanne.
A grant of up to Swiss Francs 165,000 has been earmarked for a Project of the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research. This is a Phase II multicentre study run from Lausanne to assess the feasibility and efficacy of the drugs Clofarabine, Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin and doses of Cytarabine for the treatment of relapsed/refractory AML in young patients.